❛ [ ☢ ] ███ RADIOACTIVE DECAY ↯ —— There were people who would do anything to get their hands on the information held within the walls of Cythera ; what whispers must have been passed from clients to disciple, what secrets their madam held that she wouldn’t tell anybody, not even the highest or most charming bidder. Information was a lucrative trade in the twenty-second century and an even more profitable one during a war. The Commander understood the incredible important placed upon solid intelligence, her entire life consisted of knowing things others didn’t and hiding things from the greater public (like her face ; the mystery surrounding her was immense, transformed her into an enigma and a presence that was easily recognizable upon first sight, yet made it hard to talk about — it was difficult to discuss the view when the blinds were pulled shut).

Ariel knew the Magdalene to be a woman who was just as secretive, careful in those she picks to reveal information or let it sit locked away in her soul for eternity. Her hand lowered from the area of the lady’s visage where the bruise blemished it’s flawless quality. The military officer knew the madam to be a strong woman, a frail body served to be vessel for an indomitable spirit. The older woman would always listen the the wise counsel of the younger, a special member of her inner most circle of confidants.

Slavery in Citadel space is illegal,❞ she replied as brow furrows slightly upon a ghastly facade, the prominent lacerations upon her facade moving slightly in tandem with the muscles beneath her pallid complexion. ❝I thought the Reapers would have put a halt to the trade, unless there are those who see the refugees as low hanging fruit.❞ A pause, the corpse of her childhood’s stammer lodging itself in her trachea, the sensation of her esophagus filling with radiation accompanying the five second interruption. ❝Do you think the attack might have had something to do with it?❞

Magdalene smiled sadly. As usual, Commander, your perception is uncanny. She took a steadying breath to prepare herself. A man came here two days past asking to speak to me. I thought he was a client who needed help choosing a disciple. It did not happen often, but sometimes customers would see ‘pleasure house’ and think ‘brothel.’ Nothing about Cythera was quite as crass. To some it had become synonymous with sanctuary. Many lost and lonely souls found succor here.

He told me he had an offer for me if I was looking for chattel, though not quite so eloquently. I couldn’t bear to listen to another word; I would have had him removed from the premises if I had acted on my instinct. But Magda did not have him removed. She had listened patiently to his proposal, committing whatever details she could to memory. She had asked questions, enough to feign interest but not scare him away. Years of navigating delicate social situations had been a boon to her then. His…associates…take advantage of undocumented refugees from border planets, tricking them into indentured servitude to whomever will buy them. Some of the less fortunate are sold into places of ill-repute—whorehouses. The word is poison on her lips. She remembered her anger, an emotion she was entirely unaccustomed to. She remembered praying to stay her hand.

I know you are very busy, Commander, but I wonder if you could spare any resources to help me end this repulsive practice. I cannot sit idly by while I know sentient beings are being bought and sold in my own backyard.


arielshepard: { ໃ ; crime au }

Magda is living a life of ill-begotten luxury when her boyfriend, leader of the infamous motorcycle gang the Prodigal Sons, is killed. Mary Pryce-Ravenna, better known simply as “Magdalene” is inconsolable, but all evidence points to her. With the law on her tail and revenge in her heart, Magda flees on the back of her dead lover’s bike in the search for the one who framed her. 

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❛ [ ☢ ] ███ RADIOACTIVE DECAY ↯ —— A pause lodged itself in her tattooed throat as she looked back down to fold the letter neatly, each crease done carefully so it could fit back in the envelope perfectly. ❝Their leader didn’t die well. I made sure of it,❞ Ariel replied. It was not in her nature to reveal any particular details that would upset the Magdalene, it was horrible enough that the news networks showed the ongoing slaughter on Earth and other worlds suffering from the Reapers’ harvest of this cycle. She spared the other woman the excruciating details, speaking in confirmations and vague sentences that inferred to gruesome fates.

Corrupted crimson oculars situated upon fields of abyssal blackness, like her very insides were made from cosmic essence, the very foundation of outer space glistening in the way her corneas shined like glass over glowing cybernetics and ebony sclerae. If one so dared to look deeply into those portals, they could surely count all the stars in the Milky Way. 

She reached her hand forward timidly, unsure if she was allowed to touch something so pure with her ruined, bone cold hands. Physical contact out of combat had always been strange to the scarred woman, but she was learning the benefits of holding hands with friends and allowing the man she loved to embrace her. The gap between the two woman was not a large one, it was an appropriate distance, but the Commander took the brave liberty of allowing her frigid thumb to graze the contused skin of Magda. ❝They hurt you.❞

Magda had almost forgotten the gruesome new addition to her cheek.  Ariel’s touch was gentle enough not to trouble the tender spot. She grinned, her chin jutting out with pride. “I gave them an answer they didn’t like.” One hand came to rest above her heart. “I shall wear it as a badge of honor.”

Unpleasant talk of her ordeal soured her stomach. “Please, let’s not dwell on such things,” she said with a wrinkle of her nose. “Though, I suppose, what I am about to share with you is no less disturbing.” Magdalene took her leave and sat placidly on her couch. When her eyes found the Commander’s, she let out a breath. Magda found herself often within the inner circles of many friends and clients, aware of her reputation as sound council with loyalty unwavering. She trusted no one but the Commander with any of her secrets and misgivings, though, and even know found it difficult to reveal what she’d been keeping even from her favorite disciples.

“Someone has come to me with gossip I simply can’t ignore.” Magda ignored her custom to offer tea and began, hoping her delicate constitution would not fail her. “I have heard talk of trading slaves here on the Citadel.”

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Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Rey

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❛ [ ☢ ] ███ RADIOACTIVE DECAY ↯ —— Lighting often determined which of her horrific nature was revealed upon the casting of shadows: to just show just the scars and intense periorbital dark circles or to show the skull beneath the alien paleness and filigree of blue veins. Death’s Head had been customized to fit her form specifically, a physical manifestation of the void with venom deep in the valves that allowed blood to pump through her system. It came out when ivory enamel was barred and all the tar in her stomach could not longer be contained, the Lion of God had a harsh heart made out of asphalt and radioactive stardust.

Today, standing in the warm white illumination of Cythera, she was both; a ghoulish, yet very human appearance in her casual fatigues, shore leave granted to her and the Normandy’s crew after the ordeal that happened hours prior. The cuffs of navy blue camouflage riding up her forearms just slightly to reveal her red, bony wrists belonging to burned hands and charred digits that held a piece of paper. 

I am … truly sorry that worm dragged you into this mess,❞ the Commander said, a slow crawl of cold diction leaving darkened lips, like every word was a ghost trying to pull itself out from the sludge and quicksand inside the prison of her body. Arctic air escaping her lungs where the falling particles inside were ash from a volcanic winter. Her obsidian-haired head rose to allow frightening red and black eyes to meet the calm purity of the ones possessed by her friend.

          [“Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise…”]

Magda couldn’t hide the genuine smile that broke across tranquil features. Ariel Shepard was ever the rock tossed into Cythera’s pond, splashing and rippling where she fell and inciting pockets of whispering disciples to gather in the corners of the pleasure house. She was a welcome distraction, too, from the crises of running a business in wartime.

Ariel Shepard’s presence indicated something else, too. Something Magda had been waiting for with bated breath. She swore to the Lord she would never work against her fellow beings but Ariel had no such qualms. The other woman relished in bloodshed; blossomed in carnage. Magdalene found no fault in it. They were two sides of the same coin: light and dark. Blood and water. Red and white.

“Commander Shepard,” she said, holding pale hands out in welcome. Magdalene had learned long ago the Commander was not a creature who craved touch, but rather tolerated it when necessary. Those times when the mood struck Ariel to bequeath gentle, friendly affection were rare indeed. And precious. “I’m so glad you’ve come. I trust those amateurs didn’t give you too much trouble.”

          [“…but the companion of fools will suffer harm.”] -Proverbs 13:20

Ƿsalms 78:38

But he, being full of compassion, forgave their iniquity, and destroyed them not: yea, many a time turned he his anger away, and did not stir up all his wrath.

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Anonymous: Wait, so is she really a whore and all that or? Also, are you Shae and Ozzy-mun?

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sloth…is an oppressive sorrow, which, to wit, so weighs upon man’s mind, that he wants to do nothing; thus acid things are also cold.

Magdalene | sloth

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